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Ancestral and Meditative Tribal Dance & Breathwork

February 4 @ 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm EST

Ancestral and Meditative Tribal Dance & Breathwork.
We are all made of music and when we connect to its vibration it helps us heal every single cell inside of us.
Magic happens when we surrender our minds to our bodies.
Any Traumatic, overwhelming or stressful event that we experience gets stacked up or stored in our body. Somatic work help us to heal those events and to shifted the state of the nervous system bringing your body from fight respond to calm or relaxed state.
We offer a powerful and unique experience through an Ancestral, Meditative Tribal Dance/Breatwork to help people uncover new strategies for dealing with the natural reaction of stress.
Don’t miss the opportunity of somatic healing with live music! Come and join us in this joyful and powerful experienced through music and movement.
It is also an opportunity to participate in this amazing transformative Dance Ceremony that will connect you with your creative force life and your ancestors.
The energy these drums transmit can open dimensional portals of light. This portal is the path for our ancestors to join us with their energy of infinite Love to pour mighty blessings.
We will be in trance with the sound of live drums and percussion as we experience an ecstasy of transformation, perhaps to understand the unity that we have in connection with our ancestors.
The music and our Dance are the offerings to thank them for all the blessings they constantly give us.
We will have fun dancing with our hearts together in one rhythm that unites us with each other and the whole, visible and invisible.
Because we are made of energy feeling this healing vibration within each cell of our body will help us recognize that we are the music of our life.
We invite you to feel in your heart the intention that you want to bring for this powerful Ceremony. We will be working with our powerful creative force, so by recognizing it we can use it to promote the creation of our intention.
What to bring:
Confortable cloth for movement.
A Yoga mat, pilow or something to lie down for Breathwork.
A blanket.
A blindfold.
Where: Chevere Studio, 2000 Central Parkway, Cincinnati 45214.
Exchange: Sliding scale of 65-$95 according to your possibilities and what your heart tells you.
PayPal: [email protected]    https://paypal.me/marylianaWickus
Venmo: @Maryliana-Wickus
When you registered please be sure to place the name of the event that you are paying for.
Please reassure your place. The space is limited to 16 participants


February 4
4:00 pm - 7:30 pm EST