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Cacao/Breathwork Ceremony

April 28 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT

Cacao Ceremony

  • AwakeningBreath is pleased to bring you the opportunity to be part of this amazing transformative Ceremony. We are going to enjoy a traditional and respectful way of serving Cacao. Grandmother Cacao brings abundance, sensuality and beauty to our life as a part of her healing and precious gift. We all want to be part of this amazing experience that will transform our lives.
  • We welcome you to sing, to meditate with, pray for, pray to, and/or simply be in communion with the spirit of this generous loving plant.
  • We invite you to practice reciprocity in your relationship with the Spirit of Cacao by bringing offerings of flowers of any color, corn, tobacco (organic please), songs that speak to the cacao or the elements that sustain it, little crystals, or whatever else your heart guides you to bring. Please know that we are going to leave those at the land and/or offer it to the fire during or after the ceremony.
  • Bring your favorite mug to drink the chocolate that will be offered as part of the ceremony.
  • A tea candle.
  • If you happen to have a jaguar (crystal or other natural material) bring it with you for 
the altar that we are building together (you will take it back home with you).
  • Self-identified women are encouraged to wear a long skirt.

** For the best possible experience, we recommend eating healthy/nourishing food and drinking plenty of water the day before and the day of the event. **

Breathwork Ceremony 

  • Breathwork supports the opening of our hearts, granting access to places within that we normally resist as well as our inner shining light. Pairing this work with the medicine of cacao can be a very powerful and revealing experience. Doing this practice in a sacred space and guided by spirit opens the door to a multidimensional experience.
  • Wear comfortable cloths.
  • Yoga matt and light blanket.
  • Your filled water bottle. Please bring one that is easy to drink from, you may want to 
drink from it during Breathwork and are going to like this to be an easy things to do.
  • Bring your journal.
  • I invited you to come with open heart and curiosity. With an attitude of respect towards our Sacred Grandmother Cacao and the way in which we works here. Come to enjoy the journey that supposes knowing yourselves and receiving the gifts of the Sacred plant and the Breathwork

 We are all approaching this work out of our own intuition and listening to our hearts. No one should come if they are concern about their personal decision to be around other people (vaccinated or no) or if they think they have been exposed to any virus. Please stay home if you are presenting symptoms of a virus. Eat really good nourishing food and drink plenty of water the day before and the day of the event.

Much love to all, Maryliana

When: Saturday May 21st at 4:30pm (it will last about 4 hours)

Where: 542 Hopper Hill Farm Road. Cincinnati OH, 45255

Exchange: $80


April 28
8:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT