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Welcome to Awakening Breath

At Awakening Breath I am committed to awaken individuals to the realization of their divine purpose. My mission is to empower individuals to recognize the love within themselves as the most powerful force for transformation and thus recognize their own natural ability to transform and heal their hearts and hence themselves. The frequency of love is the highest vibration in the universe.

I am passionate with my decision to accompany groups, families, women, couples, parents and adolescents, to help them in their change processes through self-discovery and self-love. I guide and hold the space for them to learn the art of listening to their hearts and experience the transformation that comes from their own inner wisdom and LOVE. I use Sacred Breathwork as the basic tool to empower and lead individuals to a deep healing and inner transformation with the recognition of their full responsibility in the creation of their stories.

I also promote the understanding and practice of conscious education and human values, as a tool in the quest for the balance, health and well-being of couples, parents, children and families. 

My mission also involves an inner SPIRITUAL commitment toward the healing and transformation of Sexuality.  Sacred Sexual energy opens our hearts and creates a deep connection with our spiritual being.

I am committed to helping women transform their relationship with themselves and their families. I offer spaces with Sacred Sexuality classes and Moon ceremonies to help them reconnect with the powerful and sacred medicine of the moon, while healing their wounds and taking up their sacred feminine essence, their creativity and their inner power and ancestral wisdom.

In connection with nature and the spiritual world; honoring the four elements and guided by my ancestors I am also devoted to helping the planet regain the balance it so badly needs. It is essential that we understand that every thought, word, action and decision we make has an effect on each other, on mother nature and on our Mother Earth. So to recover that balance I am committed to this understanding reaching as many people as possible, so that in this way we can all create a expansive ripple effect of lovingly positive waves that raises consciousness and humanity vibration to the frequency of love.

My work can be offer in Spanish as well as English.

“If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher”   Rudolf Steiner

To maintain the integrity of the sacred space & work, I will open the Akashic Records for each session.

My Experience

How Breathwork Changed My Life

healing, Transfomation

Sacred Breathwork is an energy that opens infinite possibilities of creations, leading us to a profound state of unity with our inner self, others, and everything that is.

It connects us with ancestral wisdom and helps us to remember that innate ability to recognize the spiritual world that guides and surrounds us. At the same time, it makes us aware of our creations as a part of an ancestral family belief system. 

Sacred Breathwork promotes the awareness and importance of our divine purpose.  It connects us with our hearts and the love and truth that lies with in. 

It is a powerful tool that leads us to a deep healing and inner transformation with the recognition of our full responsibility in the creations of our stories. 

Experiencing Sacred Breathwork in Nature helps us regain connection with mother nature and thus recover the ancient wisdom that we have lost.

Individual sessions are available  as well as couples, families and groups.

“Inhale the future, exhale the past and be in the present” Maryliana

love, ancestral healinng

Sacred Sexuality is the Sexuality of the heart, Love, affection. It involves slow and gentle touching with presence and awareness.

It is the deep connection with our intrinsic and ancestral divine wisdom. It is spiritual, because it contains the seed of love and Creation. It contains the seed where all human possibilities of transformation exist. It is absolute presence, because time and space disappear in a magnificent union that complements and connects simultaneously with the creative universal energy.

Sacred Sexuality is the encounter with our sacred, creative and transformative inner fire. Where our heart is the gateway and the breath is the oxygen that keeps the fire alive.

When we practice Sexuality in a sacred way we can access transcendental experiences of Love, unity and healing that opens our hearts, create a stronger connection with our spiritual being and invite, the whole of existence into us.

“Like a rose that blooms slowly, with presence, without haste, luminous…  this is how our Sacred Sexuality flourishes in its union with God and with our own whole being dancing with our partner”  Maryliana

Enjoy, Learn, Experience

Our workshops and courses are dedicated to bringing you to awareness, to that awareness from where you can observe and transform your thoughts, your actions and what you are creating in your life.

They are completely experiential and many times in contact with mother nature, which helps us to recover the connection with the natural cycles and return to the balance we have lost.

They are fun and entertaining, and filled with dance, friendship, emotions, meditation, intimate moments, mutual understanding, discoveries, joy and sacred encounters. 

Group work always offers us the opportunity to see ourselves reflected in others.  Group power is very expansive and powerful energetically, emotionally and spiritually so that whatever we declare within the group will have a magnified manifestation result. 

The Courses are designed to guide you in a fun way that will transform you through awareness, love and respect.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”  Benjamin Franklin

Relax, Restore, Rebirth


Our retreats are designed to provide participants with a complete vision of the work of Breathing in harmony with nature, the ceremonial work of spiritual and ancestral connection. In these times of accelerated and busy lives, the moments of slowing down, feeling that deep connection with nature and with ourselves; are highly valued and precious.

The retreats are designed so that a true disconnection occurs with our everyday life, the stress, and the dependence we have with social media. Connecting with nature, the elements and our hearts, while disconnecting from the things that distract us and take us away from our true selves.

Guided by the love of our hearts and the love of our ancestors, in these retreats we seek to reactivate that intrinsic capacity for divine connection with our higher self , our ancestral wisdom, and with Mother Nature/Earth. Often the retreats help us to be more compassionate and to be more in tune with each other.

“In order to understand our self better, one has to turn away from daily life on occasion” Maryliana

Journey, Sacred, Ancestral


When we put an intention into any sacred work, it becomes a Ceremony. Ceremonial work is being of service to others.. I’m proud to walk this earth in service and with the guidance of indigenous elders who deeply understand and have devoted their lives to protecting this sacred truth.

Ceremonies help us to walk within the natural laws and the elements living a life of truth, respect, and spirituality. In harmony with mother earth, creator and all living beings. It helps us to recover our true power, shine with integrity, love and dignity; respecting ourselves, others and mother nature.

In our Ceremonies we recognizes that it is the  great spirit, who sustains all  forms of life, including ourselves and the rest of creation. Ceremonies are always in communion with nature, so it includes us in its wisdom and thus we recover the connection with our divine wisdom.

Honoring the grandmothers and grandfathers who have taught and guided me, I offer several different Ceremonies to my community.

“If we make of each second a sacred moment, our life will be a Ceremony” Maryliana

Meet Maryliana Wickus

I am a medicine woman and heart healer. I accompany others in their processes of self-discovery, awareness, connection with themselves and healing of their hearts. I am in absolute service with love. I like to accompany others on a holistic level offering tools to achieve peace and harmony, physical and mental health, happiness and gratitude, connection with the ancestral and with nature.

Everything I share is because I have experienced it and it has helped me to heal my heart. I like to inspire others with my example of life and I love being constantly transforming myself.

It seems to me essential that we recognize our values, so that sustained in them, we can find the impulse that encourages us to move forward. Recognizing my fundamental values was the first step for me to found my path of life that is sustained in these pillars. Love, Spirituality, Honesty, Integrity, Respect for all forms of life, Humility and Gratitude.

In order to heal the heart of humanity and the heart of Earth, we must first heal our own hearts. Only then we will remember the ancient wisdom we have forgotten.


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