About Me

Maryliana Wickus

My History

Although I am a woman of the world, I was born in a Blessed and Sacred land, called Venezuela. There I had my first ancestral experience when I stayed and shared sacred encounters with the indigenous people and Nature; in the  Amazon Jungle, over 25 years ago. Since then I have committed to follow the path of love and heart.

I became a dentist and migrated to Spain where I obtained Certificates and experience in the areas of Pediatric Dentist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki energy, facilitator of Breathwork and Tantric Sexuality. After several years working in Spain, a magical and miraculous experience took me to the USA where I continued to practice, teach and facilitate groups in Breathwork, Yoga, Sacred Sexuality, Energy and later coaching couples & Families.  In 2010, I obtained a Waldorf Certificate of Education for early childhood and soon had the privilege to became a mother.

The blessings kept happening and I soon learned that there was a way to walk that path of the heart, by walking the red path. A path of an ancient way of living, which recognizes that behind all forms of life is the Creator and mother nature.

So, walking in it I learned of Sacred Ceremonies and prayers with a Sacred Pipe. As a moon dancer, I feel very honored to be able to raise the prayers, for our mother earth and humanity. I constantly pray for the planet to recover the balance that is so necessary.  We are all connected by every breath, every thought, every word and every action we take. In this matter we all need to create a necessary ripple effect of positive and expansive waves that raises our consciousness and the planet vibration.

I love my work immensely, which comes from love and from my heart. When Im working, I become a channel of light for the spirit to work through me and guide me in the ancestral and creative process of healing. I also love to feel the connection with tress and nature. I think that only when we can deeply reconnect our hearts with mother nature, we will then regain our ancestral wisdom. 

Maryliana Wickus has more than 20 years of experience facilitating Groups, couples and individuals Sacred Breathwork sessions.

In her work of healer of the heart she share many powerful tools that she has perfected over the years such as:

Sacred Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred visualizations and meditations, the process of forgiveness, the process of emptying, affirmations, creating love connections and cleaning of the heart.  She also does consulting work in search of personal values, purpose of life, limiting beliefs, habit changes  and agreements of couples and family.

Maryliana is committed to helping women transform their relationship with themselves and their families, healing their wombs, reconnecting with their feminine essence, reclaiming their sacred feminine, creativity, inner power and wisdom. Creating this spaces of Sacred Sexuality classes and Sacred Moon ceremonies she wants to help women to reconnect with the powerful and sacred medicine of the moon.

My Experience:

Over 20 Years of Experience facilitating group workshops on Sacred Sexuality and Breathwork. At the same time guiding and helping others to discover their life purpose and divine potential. As well as accompanying individuals in the healing of traumatic experiences and in the process of awareness of their beliefs system. Helping to see clearly the responsibility that each one has in the creation of their life. 

Also accompanying couples, families and adolescents in their healing processes, helping them to find their life values and reasons to love, thanking life and connecting with nature.

My Dream:

To establish a School for all ages, that teaches human values based on ancestral teachings and in connection with the ancestral wisdom of mother nature and mother earth. Train others to become service people in the branch of Sacred Breathwork and Sacred Sexuality.

Create a community of brothers and sisters who come together in order to live a sustainable life, full of love, joy, and respect for each other and for all forms of life.

My Gratitude:

THANKS to my ancestors for their lives that brought me here.

Thanks to my parents for giving me life and for teaching me the value of love & family togetherness. Thanks to my dearly mom for teaching me to    always follow my heart a being a service woman.

Thanks to the universe for the gift of being alive every day.

Thanks to all the women in my life. To my blood sisters and my spiritual sisters for showing me the love, our true power and capacity of creation 

Thanks to them for reflecting my loving and divine heart helping me to believe in myself and my creative power.

Thanks to my elders for their loving guidance and for sharing their ancestral wisdom with me.

Thanks to Mother Earth and Nature for showing me constantly the ancient ways of living in harmony with everything that exist. 

Thanks to my husband, the best man in the world, for his love, his smiles and his unconditional support. Thank you for walking by my side and growing with me, along with our precious kids in this wonderful existence. 

Thanks to the Creator for the vastness of my blessings.

Maryliana's Poem

Transformer Fire

Thank you Father Fire for transforming my complaints, 

to help me feel my body and remind me that I am alive.  

Thank you Father Fire for transforming my fear, 

to help me believe in the truth of my heart.


Thank you Father Fire for transforming my 

hunger and my thirst into absolute confidence.  

You who receive my breath and return it to me multiplied, 

You receive my cold and return it with heat, 

You receive my tiredness and transform it into divine strength.  

To you Sacred Fire that you are inside of me 

drawn with passion and desire. 

With your divine strength, 

which is the force of creation itself, 

I recognize myself as a creative woman of life.

Sacred Fire, father of all Ceremonies, 

I honor you, I summon you, 

I return your place to you, 

in the same way that you give me absolute 

confidence in my creative force. 

To you, beloved Fire, 

I owe you the spark that awakens the creative passion of life 

and makes possible the connection with the divine.



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