Sacred Breathwork

What is Sacred Breathwork?

Sacred Breathwork is a powerful self-knowledge, healing and personal evolution tool. It brings together the ancestral practice of breathing with the understanding and management of the creative power of thought, contributes to a more profound energy work and the awakening of one’s consciousness. It reaches deep into the memories of our birth plan, first life experiences, events that discover the origin of many behavior patterns and our approach to relationships.
Breathwork –as related to life energy- help us to cleanse and heal the body, and connect with the spirit.
We can all benefit from Sacred Breathwork because this strengthens the individual’s natural ability to connect with ourself and others in a profound and easy way. It takes us to our emotional body so that we may experience a state of unity with everything that Is. Breathwork makes us conscious of what is most significant in our lives and distances us from the painful illusions of our past, bringing us into the forever powerful Present.
Breathwork promotes powerful changes in our consciousness, helps us to be “reborn”, elevating the  vibration of our consciousness and stimulating the body’s natural ability to purify itself.

 It also offers tools to help us forgive past mistakes and heal wounds so that we can live in the present in constant gratitude and freedom. Sacred Breathwork is a healing mechanism that operates at all levels, allowing us to shed layers of the mind so that we can recognize our inner self and the human spirit’s ability to “become aware” of its essential attributes.
Conscious Breathwork allows us to accept our wholeness. It is the first step towards improving our life, work, relationships, communication skills, sexuality, living environment, creativity, personal empowerment and connection with the ancestral wisdom.

What are its objectives?

• Unblock physical, psychic and bodily tensions.

Help us to connect with our heart and ancestral wisdom.

• Increase vitality, improve health and strengthen our immune system.

• Develop and strengthen abilities in the areas of vitality, creativity, emotional understanding, sexuality and spiritual transcendence.

Heal birth and infancy traumas.

Learn to forgive from your heart.

• Improve self-esteem.

Increase the human potential to find inner peace and mental clarity. 

• Offer our contribution for the transformation of a more caring, compassionate, loving human being and in solidarity with the world.

Why choose Sacred Breathwork?

Sacred Breathwork is the best technique I have personally experienced. I’ve always been a seeker and have tried many techniques for my own growth process and awareness of my thoughts and creations. None have helped me as much and so expediently. It has allowed me to review childhood experiences that affected me and limited my life, of which I had no previous knowledge. It unblocked many emotional tensions, opened channels of love, helped me discover inner peace and offered me tools to change my limiting thoughts for those that create the life I want.

Many people that experience Sacred Breathwork for the first time, have experienced great benefits and find it fascinating. No previous technique had helped them reach the level of emotional freedom that they expected. This is due to the fact that other practices do not approach the deeply rooted subconscious material the way Sacred Breathwork does. Sacred Breathwork involves deeper elements that don’t require the comprehension of the conscious mind and that facilitates a quick liberation of deeply rooted subconscious beliefs. Frequently, people who have tried breathwork sessions express how liberating it has been. However, it is evident that people approach the comprehension of the subconscious, resolution and liberation only when they are ready to do so. This applies to Sacred Breathwork and to any other kind of technique.

What to Expect

Individual or group sessions

A Sacred Breathwork session –individual or group- combines: the power of breathing with inspirational music, the support of a facilitator, exercises for the awareness and use of body movement. Psychological and spiritual aspects are also involved in order to produce an effective transformation and healing results.

At the end of the session, participants feel relaxed, peaceful, a sense of inner realization, personal healing, in connection with the Self, at times even to the point of perceiving a sensation of ecstasy.

Sacred Breathwork process takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half. The experience is unique to each individual and varies from session to session and from person to person; with very positive results.

The choice of participating in individual or group sessions is personal. Group sessions offer the benefit of access to a community with whom to connect and the is an opportunity to share experiences and emotional aspects of our lives, benefit from group support, and the fact that we can see others as a our own reflects. Also we can learn from others experiences at the same time we can heal through the healing of others. In an individual  session perhaps we often go deeper into our own limiting beliefs. 

Sacred Breathwork is unique to each individual and cannot be completely understood until experienced personally.

In conclusion, Sacred Breathwork allows us to imagine and create a reality in harmony with our heart, with others, with the planet and with the universe.  


My Breathwork Experience

Sacred Breathwork has changed my life, for the better, in every aspect. It helps me to change this complex world of conflicts and mental duality, showing me how to live in my deepest identity, my true nature, in trust and in the here and now. I can transform the thoughts that bring me fear and pain into thoughts of love in order to create the beautiful life I want.

With Sacred Breathwork I understood that my spirituality came from within and that it could only be spiritual if I listened to, respected and loved myself above all things. Only then could I love others. Sacred Breathwork became the door to understanding who I am and that I am the sole creator of my life and that I can design it as I wish. I understood that my destiny was in my hands and that living a life of fulfillment means being responsible for everything that I think, say and do.


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No.  You will be breathing in a rhythm pattern but this pattern does not relate to hyperventilation.  

This is a meditative kind of breath. 

No, we are going to experience the Breathwork sessions in many different ways. Sometimes we will be sitting by ourselves but sometimes in front of our partner or other person; sometimes we will be standing up or doing some movement.  Sometimes we are lying down. 

Every single session is different.  It depends on where you are in your life.  Sometimes your experience can be magical and joyful, sometimes a traumatic experience in your life can show up; for sure always there is healing which needs to be healed in that moment.   You will leave with peace in your heart and a sense of awakening.

Please wear comfortable closes that permits you to sit on the floor comfortably and to do movement. 

The most essential thing that happens with this kind of Breathwork is that your mind calms down and moves aside which lets you to connect with your heart or essences self. No mental  judments or critical thinking. So in this state of calm you can really see the answer from your heart, recognize your Love of self and all your capacities of creation. It is a very powerful healing modality.

The best thing to do is to contact me.  I can help answer your questions.  Even if you do not have a question, but you need someone to talk too, please know I am here for you. 

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