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Our workshops and courses are dedicated to bringing you to Awareness, to that Awareness from where you can observe and transform your thoughts, your actions and what you are creating in your life. They are fun and entertaining, and filled with dance, friendship, emotions, meditation, intimate moments, mutual understanding, discoveries, joy and sacred encounters.

Group work always offers us the opportunity to see ourselves reflected in others, allowing us to compliment our own process and observe our beliefs as they appear in another’s mirror image. These  classes promote a caring environment where love, amusement and consciousness are experienced. They offer tools that help recognize and better understand the thoughts, attitudes, recurrent behavior that separate us from who we really are and from what we want to do in our lives. 

The Courses or classes are designed to guide you in a fun way that will transform you through awareness, love and respect. If you are looking for a personal transformation through the joy of working with yourself, in the company of other who share your same concerns and who, like yourself, want to improve their lives, then our workshops and courses are definitely for you!

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Ideally, we would like everyone to attend every session.  However, if you have to miss one session we will provide a make up opportunity with the next group.

They really vary.  They can range from a 1/2 day to 5 days or more. Please check the event for the details.  We will always indicate the length of time. Please choose the one which is most convenient for you. 

A retreat often involves staying overnight, rest, mindfulness, and insights into yourself.  Workshops involves a lot of group activities. Ceremonies are sacred times to explore more deeply ancestral and spiritual connections. 

The courses are limited up to 12 people but it depends on the course as some courses require less people.  

Workshops can vary depending on the type of workshop.   Typically we see anywhere from 15-30 people. 

When you go to my contact page and enter your email, you will be added to the mailing list.  You will get an email that indicates my next series of events. 

Contact me and we will work out a plan.  I would be happy to work with you.  There are people organizing different events for me and I often enjoy this so much.

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