Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies

A Sacred Circles space.

A space of pure Love and  deep connection with our hearts.

A divine connection with the Spiritual world space.

A completely full of Love and Gratitude space to pray, connect and show respect to our ancestors. A space where ancestral healing is in constant motion.

A space of communion with the four elements, the Creator, Grandmother Moon and Mother earth.

A space of deep transformation that offers us the Sacred Fire.

Ceremonies help us to walk within the natural laws in connection with the ancestral wisdom of nature to live a life of truth, integrity, respect, spirituality and harmony with Mother earth, Creator and all living forms. It helps us to regain our true power and remember our ancient wisdom 

Respecting and honoring the grandmothers and grandfathers who have taught and guided me, I offer several different Ceremonies. Ceremonies are part of my Community care.

They are offered with Love, from my heart as an act of community service.



Aligned with Nature.
Aligned with your soul.

Rediscover Yourself.

We are part of nature and nature is connected to us.  Nature is a manifestation of the divine ancient wisdom. Ceremonies help us to  rediscover our connection to the universal energy of nature.

We gathers around the Sacred fire to pray, to ask for help and to connect with the spiritual world. Fire is always the portal of communication with the spiritual world.

We pray singing with the beat of the drum, as the inducer of the shamanic state of consciousness and, as a vehicle of transit toward parallel realities. The drum helps us to make a journey to our hearts and our divine wisdom.

The intention in Ceremony is to raise the prayers an connect with our hearts, our ancestors and the spiritual world that sustains us. So many times during Ceremony  they show us visions or messages that help us to find the answers that we need in our lives. Our ancestors are always there watching over us and waiting for us to ask for help for them to serve us.
Full Moon and New moon Ceremonies are offered all year long.

Ancient Wisdom for Today's Challenges

Love and Compassion will be the forces that guide the union of peoples.

“Follow your own tracks. Learn from the rivers, the trees, the rocks. Honor your brothers, honor Mother Earth, honor the Great Spirit. Honor yourself and all of Creation.

Look with the eyes of your Soul and commit to the essentials” Jallalla

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