Sacred Sexuality & Yoga

What is Sacred Sexuality?

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality is an art, the art of spiritual sexuality. Like any form of art, This sexuality is an experience and expression unique and personal. It cannot be separated from the person that practices it. It’s an experience and therefore can only be understood when you live it. 

Sacred Sexuality is the sexuality of Love, that Love that start within you and with yourself.  A Love that is a state of being.
Sacred Sexuality is Love and to live it you must learn to live in true Love that can only be experimented from and with the heart. In this kind of sexuality there is always a heart to heart communion.

Sacred Sexuality is always accompanied by the complete acceptance of who you are. This acceptance is directly related to living a life in consciousness, and of being aware of everything that happens and everything that we feel, free of conflict and judgment.

Sacred Sexuality is energy that is never wasted, energy that goes inside, to help us create the life we want. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we have. We are born from it and is full of a force that can elevate our physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness. It embraces everything and constitutes the opportunity to be aware of who we are, and of our multiple possibilities. At the same time, it offers us the chance to integrate all of our aspects, including those that we usually reject or hide.

Why Practice Sacred Sexuality?

Healing with Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality is itself medicine.

It helps us to heal the heart of our sexual being energetically, spiritually, and physically. This Sacred Sexuality brings us closer to the origin of ancestral wisdom through its practice and the recognition of our creative capacities. It opens our hearts, bringing us closer to recognizing that unconditional, immense and deep love for ourselves.

Sacred Sexuality is the sexuality of the heart and is always lived in absolute presence and in a space of magical infinite creation. It is the sexuality of the absolute consent from both parties, and a priority focus on the senses and the enjoyment of personal pleasure.

In this sexuality of the heart there are not plans or expectations but the pleasure of the senses with respect and love. 

In Sacred Sexuality we elevates our awareness beyond the physical level and we feel connected to every being that lives and loves. We recognize that we are part of the great dance of existence.

When we practice Sacred Sexuality we become more balance wit our feminine and masculine energies.


Sacred Sexuality for Women & Couples

Sacred Sexuality and Breathwork have changed my life completely. Beginning with the healing of some sexual abuses suffered in my childhood up until the moment of complete acceptance of my body, my pleasure and my feminine creativity.

With Sacred Sexuality I understood that my spirituality came from within and that it could only be spiritual if I listened to, respected and loved myself above all things. Only then could I love others. Sacred Sexuality and breathwork became the door to understanding who I am and that I am the sole creator of my life and that I can design it as I wish. I understood that my destiny was in my hands and that living a life of fulfillment means being responsible for everything that I think, say and do. Now I feel happier, healthier, and enjoy a fulfilling sex life as a result of making choices that please me, instead of always pleasing others.

I now understand that any woman who practices and embraces Tantra can share my experience, because we are all born with the potential to heal, change and accept who we are completely. We are all capable of creating the life we want.  We are creative Godesses with an unlimited capacity for Love.  We are not only connected to each other but to all past and future women, as well. Women have the gift of healing themselves and others just by becoming aware of our sexuality and our life.

I am committed to helping women transform their relationship with themselves and their families offering spaces with Sacred Sexuality classes and Moon ceremonies to help them reconnect with the powerful and sacred medicine of the moon, while healing their wounds and taking up their sacred feminine essence, their creativity and their inner power and ancestral wisdom.


The relationship between Sacred Sexuality & Yoga

Sacred Sexuality is considered the Yoga of Love.

With Yoga you heal your body, mind and spirit. You become aware of your body and breathing. The same happens with Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality and Yoga go hand-in-hand. Yoga prepares us for Sacred Sexuality and Sacred Sexuality opens the door to the understanding of Yoga.

Sacred Sexuality is the sweet Yoga of Love.

Personally, I believe that the magical and formidable sensation I experiment after I practice Sacred Sexuality, relates to the relaxing and pleasant sensation I feel after I finish a Yoga session.

My body becomes flexible and opens to Love when I practice Yoga. My mind calms down and let me focus on the present moment with each asana. My breath helps me to recognize my senses. So Yoga constantly prepared my body, mind and spirit to Sacred Sexuality.

Sacred Sexuality opens myself to receive all the benefits from itself and from Yoga.

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We do not take off our clothes.  However there may be some exercises where the sense of touch is very important. It is always your choice.

There are both. We do a lot of practical exercises, movement, dance, games, as well as writing exercises.  Theoretical information is always important to help us understand some mental concepts.

This type of learning does not require a partner and there are many that attend that presently do not have a partner.

Yes. In every session we will have about 40 minutes of breathwork. Breathwork is the most important tool in this kind of work. To heal, to feel and to learn about sexual energy management.

Yes, sometimes sensitive massage is part of the program.

Comfortable clothes which allow you to sit on the floor, a notebook that you will bring to every session. Optional: you can bring a mindful objet to put on the altar.

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